Tyler Davidson - Prime Exterior Solutions of Columbia and Mid Missouri
Tyler Davidson

Production Manager

Tyler is the dedicated Production Manager at Prime Exterior Solutions, where he brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for excellence to every roofing and exterior project. Tyler’s commitment to precision and dedication to quality craftsmanship extend seamlessly from his personal life to the construction site. 

Outside of work, Tyler is a family man. His wife, Haley, is the Corporate Treasurer at MFA Oil, and he’s incredibly proud of her accomplishment of earning her MBA from Mizzou. Together, they have an eight-year-old daughter named Sawyer, who keeps them active with her involvement in youth sports in Southern Boone County. Tyler loves supporting Sawyer at her sporting events and being able to watch her grow and improve.

Tyler and his family share a love for the outdoors, whether it’s fishing in the pond behind their house, hunting, or hiking. Tyler’s passion for competition extends to the rodeo arena where he competes in bareback riding and tie-down calf roping, where he enjoys meeting new people along the way. 

In his role at Prime Exteriors, Tyler is deeply passionate about seeing projects through from start to finish. He takes pride in delivering top-quality results and ensuring that each customer’s vision is brought to life with precision and care. With experience ranging from small interior renovations to large-scale projects, Tyler believes in getting the roofing, siding, and exterior jobs right the first time, earning the trust and satisfaction of every customer along the way.